fredag, september 9

bidrag / subsidy

Utdrag ur konversation med skolkamrat:
R - Karin, du får väl bidrag av staten?
Jag - Nä, vadå?
R - Jag tycker du borde få snyggbidrag av staten. Detta eftersom du genom din närvaro i andras liv förbättrar deras livskvalité.

Han var full, men ändå, hur fint?

Extract from a conversation with a friend from school:
R - Karin, do you get subsidy?
Me - No, why should I?
R- I think that you should get a pretty-subsidy from the government. This because you by your presence in others life improve their life quality.

He was drunk, but still, how sweet?

2 kommentarer:

Joanna sa...

People are honest when they're drunk:) I want to get to know you!

Karin-Barin sa...

Oh Joanna, you seem like such a sweet person! I promise to make a post with awesome books to read. Is there anything special you want to know about me? :)