onsdag, september 14

Nanna Johansson

Old man - You look like a little whore!
Girl - Thank you kind old man for your invaluable opinion! Henceforth I will do my utmost not to remind you of the ladies of the night that you so clearly despise. You have saved a simple girl from shame and disgrace!**
** Or: Eat shit you wrinkly old ass.

Girl - Mom! There's some water combed retard proposing outside the door.
Mother - That's fucking repulsive! Chase him away with a coat-hanger, and if that doesn't help take the fire extinguisher by the umbrella stand!

Guy - Come on old hag, faster!
Old lady - That's what your wife said when I banged her!

2 kommentarer:

Esteterier sa...

Åh min bästa bästa serietecknare. <3

Anonym sa...

love it!